What is Nelson Tech Club?

STREAM Labs stands for Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Artisan & Maker – Lifestyle And Business Services. Our 20,000 – 30,000 sq foot site will be nestled in the Railtown District of Nelson, BC, overlooking Kootenay Lake waterfront.

STREAM labs is a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and prototyping studio that provides makers of all ages and skill levels affordable, open access to a wide range of tools, equipment, resources and workspace. It provides the support needed to explore technology, launch busineses and create new jobs in the process of combining highly creative, collaborative groups of makers, students, academics, entrepreneurs and businesses who share ideas, learn new skills, and create innovative products which can be accelerated to market globally.

We are a community-powered innovation hub where youth, adults and seniors are allowed to work freely on any technology project that fits our inclusive mandate. Our world-class facility consists of dedicated science and technology research labs, engineering labs, artisan and maker labs to support digital design and fabrication. As an up and coming Intelligent Community, Nelson defines itself as leaders in the global technology marketplace.


The purpose of STREAM is to provide a space, share resources, gather some incredible talent, prototype some really amazing ideas. We encourage experimentation, embrace failures as learning, and are challenging the status quo with bold ideas. This is a technology gym-pass for your business, for entrepreneurs and learners – empowering the entire community to grow businesses and bring products to market.

Our mission is to provide affordable community access to technology resources; empower startups, entrepreneurs and businesses to compete in a global marketplace. STREAM is a social-learning, business incubation and accelerator hub that allows people to turn their ideas into viable businesses. The backbone of the STREAM structure is based around modular, scalable “labs” that interconnect and have common technology crossovers. The core labs of Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Artisan and Maker share common prototyping resources such as 3d printers, scanners and milling machines. These resources are housed along with anchor tenant complementary businesses in flexible shared-office resources and technology coworking services that accommodate every stage of business development. Incorporating residential housing services on the upper floors, we enable short-term transitional housing and flexible destination accommodations for STREAM members/businesses.

STREAM is lead by Brad Pommen, President of the NTC (Nelson Tech Club), a 400+ member Hackerspace in a City of 10,000 residents which was started 6 years ago. To-date, nearly 15% of the local population has offered support or interest in the concept of a STREAM “innovation center” or the services and programs outlined on this website. We know that is a very bold statement and indicator of this project’s soon-to-be successful launch. Building on the success of NTC’s technology adoption within Nelson, partnerships between Selkirk College and the school districts strengthens Nelson’s image in the Kootenays as a technology innovation hub. Cooperation between communities extends to the City of Trail (including MIDAS), Castlegar, Rossland, Salmo, Kaslo, New Denver and Slocan and the ideas driving this project has never been stronger. Contact us here.

Our Mission

Provide affordable community access to technology resources; empower startups, entrepreneurs and businesses to compete in a global marketplace.

A Typical Day at STREAM labs

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The Master Plan

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