Why do we need Nelson Tech Club?

The reason is simple.

What-Is-Your-Next-Big-Thing-In-Technology-And-InnovationWe are innovative in the Kootenays and STREAM labs offers our community a place where innovation thrives.

We are a mountain culture that has attracted people from around the world to pursue their ideas and have fun out in the middle of nowhere. We work hard and we play hard. We dream big because there is nothing but mountains to stop us. Our mountains make us stronger.

We see each other as mentors, as assets, as partners. We connect, collaborate, explore new places and forge new paths together with whoever wants to share in the journey.

We love where we live and we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to learn, experiment, explore and grow here. We welcome you to join us, to share with us, to build new ideas together.

Technology is really just another word for not having limitations.

And we love technology!