Art Installation

September 30, 2012 all-day
Oxygen Art Centre (back alley behind Hipperson's Home Hardware)

I just want to let you know what’s happening with the art installation that I was working on this summer. Because of the posting I made to this list, I was able to connect with Thomas Rozek in Kelowna. Together we worked through the design of the piece and Thomas designed a controller system using Java that’s solved all of my problems, the greatest being electronic illiteracy. This month I have been working some of the bugs out at Oxygen Art Centre (back alley behind Hipperson’s Home Hardware). This weekend marks the end of my residency there and I invite you to come and see the work. There are three events planned; a talk on Friday night at 7pm and an open house on Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 1 and 5pm. I hope to see you there.