Sample course list

  • certifiedWe also offer a variety of skill-based classes in supplementary subjects, such as Adobe and CAD software, photography, and small business. We specialize in building your maker skill sets, and helping you turn hobbies into businesses. Whether you want to learn something new or you’re ready to take your hobby or business to the next level, we can find the right class for you.

We add new classes to our schedule every week. Some of the classes we are working on include: ceramics, floral design, children’s craft classes, textile design, and more! Keep checking our class calendar to see what new offerings have been posted this week.

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Arts and Crafts

  • Intro to Bookbinding
  • Pewter Drop Casting
  • Silkscreen Printing Basics


  • Autodesk Inventor Basics
  • Inventor Skills Builder I
  • Introduction Assemblies
  • Inventor Sheet Metal
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 Basics
  • Inventor for Mold Design


  • Technology Marketing
  • Ask-a-Professional
  • Entrepreneur 101


  • CAD to CAM Software – VCarve Pro and Cut3D
  • Heat Press and Vinyl Cutter SBU
  • ShopBot SBU
  • Tormach CNC Mill SBU
  • Tormach II – 4th Axis
  • Waterjet SBU


  • Illustrator for CNC


  • Basic Electronics
  • Circuit Design with EAGLE
  • PCB Mill SBU
  • Solder a TrashAMP!
  • Arduino Part 1 – Building an Arduino
  • Arduino Part 2 – Basic Programming
  • Arduino Part 3 – Programming
  • Arduino Part 4 – Displays
  • Arduino Part 5 – Inputs
  • Arduino Part 6 – Outputs


  • Vacuum Forming SBU
  • Sand Blasting and Powder Coating SBU
  • RTV Moldmaking and Casting Basics
  • Carbon Fiber Basics

Laser Cutting

  • Laser Cutter SBU – Universal
  • Trotec Laser SBU
  • Laser Rotary SBU – ULS

Make-it Take-it Workshops

  • Make a Leather Wallet

Metal Shop

  • Basic Metal Shop SBU
  • Sheet Metal Basics SBU
  • Organic Sheet Metal SBU

Rapid Prototyping

  • 3D Printing: Type A Machine SBU
  • MakerBot 3D Printer SBU
  • 3D Scanning and Editing – NextEngine

STEAM Summer Camps

  • Summer of Creation: Design and Build
  • Summer of Creation: Basic Electronics
  • Summer of Creation: Arduino Robotics
  • Summer of Creation: Extended Camp Time


  • Magnet Printing SBU


  • CNC Embroiderer – Software
  • Industrial Sewing Machines SBU
  • Industrial Serger SBU
  • CNC Brother Embroiderer SBU


  • MIG Welder SBU
  • TIG Welding SBU
  • TIG Welding 2 – Aluminum
  • Welding Lab
  • Oxy-Acetylene Torch SBU
  • Stick Welding (SMAW) SBU


  • Hand Tool Basics
  • Woodshop SBU
  • Jointer, Planer and Table Router SBU
  • Wood Lathe SBU
  • Advanced Woodworking – Joinery


  • Soapstone Turning on the Wood Lathe
  • Oak Step Stool Workshop
  • Cutting Board Workshop