NTC for learners

STREAM for Learners covers the following subjects:

  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • Database / Analytics
  • CNC
  • Design
  • 3D printing

Please see our STREAM for Youth programs.

Attend a one-on-one SBU (Safety and Basic Use) or other class taught at the convenience of you and a knowledgeable STREAM labs instructor. Up to three additional attendees may join you for just $30 per hour per additional attendee. Note: Personal Training is limited to SBUs and other pre-defined classes currently or previously taught at STREAM labs. For customized SBUs and other personalized training, please contact us.

The STREAM labs program has been an incredible success and enabled thousands of participating seniors and veterans to build their dreams. By providing full membership privileges and access to our world class facility, we’ve provide cutting-edge training and equipment to become more competitive in the job market and pursue their own entrepreneurial goals. We’d like to thank our program partners as well as our talented staff, instructors and fellow STREAM labs members for all the assistance and guidance they’ve provided.

We are actively seeking additional funding for this program and would be happy to speak with any organizations or individuals interested in supporting seniors and veterans by sponsoring additional memberships and training.

STREAM labs is proud partner and supporter of “Learning in Retirement“.