NTC for researchers


Selkirk College offers support for community and industry partners, faculty, and students engaging in applied research activities through the Applied Research & Innovation Centre.

Excellent training capacity

While applied research and development is the heart of the SGRC, the same expertise and infrastructure offers excellent training capacity. Our courses provide training covering the breadth of geospatial technology and software used in research, industry and government organizations.

Leading-edge research projects & web mapping services

Have a look at our past and ongoing research projects which are constantly evolving along with the technology and personnel that made it all happen here at Selkirk College.

Step into partnership with us and discover a holistic approach to make informed decisions in a complex world.

Learn more about our Selkirk research projects.

Companies that innovate and embrace technology are leaders in today’s competitive economy. Many firms realize the importance of research and development, but don’t have the capacity or expertise they need to make their ideas happen. As a hub of innovation and learning, Selkirk College can offer applied research support to help businesses develop new products and services.

Selkirk College knows that research and development partnerships that involve marketable products or services require strict confidentiality. Businesses can rest assured that the College maintains confidentiality protocols to protect the interests of both the business and the College.