NTC for science

biotechBiotech – Dr John Dale

Explore cutting-edge biotech in our large, dedicated science lab, we offer a 20’ X 20’ footprint with workbenches on  3 sides of the room. Some wall mounted and lockable storage cupboard 4’ x 4’ Glass doors keep our projects safe and secure. A small fridge and a water supply with industrial sink keeps your project fresh and clean.

As far as equipment, we offer use of a PCR machine, Electrophoresis, pH meters, centrifuge, water baths (heated), DC power supplies X2, Magnetic shaker/stirrer/ ultrasonic sterilizer,  Blue-light Illumination, black light UV flashlights, digital camera compound microscope 2000X magnification,plus many biological slides. Petri dishes, assorted beakers and industrial quality Eppendorf pipettes, also large current stock of necessary chemicals and agar etc.


Insofar as programs etc, we teach microscopy, plating with Agar, how to perform biology cultures, how house pipettes and do electrophoresis, how to perform DNA cloning using PCR machines, analysis of DNA of GM food and some basic microbiological DNA engineering using safe Bacteria, teach basic forensic DNA pathology.

Material costs are outlined in each individual course STREAM labs offers. We Canadian suppliers and would be a Grade 1 safety level lab, which offers lowest of complexity while balancing crutial safety needs.

We work with safe bacteria only and would not have plans to work on larger animals and certainly no human DNA. The prime object is basic microbiology awareness and DIYBio DNA work and education environment.