Research Services

STREAM labs, partnered with Selkirk College, is a renowned leader in innovation through applied learning, creative vision and service excellence. Through the course of our evolution, we have become a trusted leader in applied research within both our local community, throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

As innovation becomes an increasingly important driver of our economy, STREAM labs is focused on creating unique opportunities to work directly with our partners to address real-world challenges that strengthen our society, economy and values. With a mission to increase applied research opportunities in emerging technologies, we are strengthening local, national and global innovation markets.

Why applied research matters

Applied research refers to hands-on, practical research that challenges students to solve a real-world problem, often working with an external client or partner. One university asked students and faculty members to describe the impact of applied research on the learning experience.

This video was made possible through the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada