Business Services

businessdevelopmentDeveloped for early stage entrepreneurs and career-changers, the STREAM labs supplies participants with the tools and resources to accelerate their idea to the next stage in their entrepreneurial journey.

Our course calendar is comprised of weekly sessions and seminars focusing on technology entrepreneurs and businesses. Sessions are presented by Community Organizations, Executive in Residence Mentors, Partners, Clients, and members. Each session is designed to educate the entrepreneur on the fundamentals essential to developing their startup and accelerated growth in global markets.

Our Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) starts with us pairing you up with a lead Executive in Residence (EiR) who will help to guide and coach you through a structured growth program. Specifically, we’ll help you through the process of defining a business model, using a set of proven product-validation and market-validation best practices. Workshops, seminars and networking events combined to ensure you get everything you need to succeed.

Executive in Residence – EIR
Every entrepreneur in the program is assigned an EIR as a primary advisor and coach. EIRs guide entrepreneurs through the Venture Growth Model, and work closely with entrepreneurs to set the right objectives and focus on the right priorities. Entrepreneurs are coached through day-to-day issues and given solid advice and help in order to overcome the typical challenges of successful growing startup.

Group Sessions
There are several workshops and ongoing information sessions available through Accelerate Okanagan. They provide additional guidance and advice as needed. These workshops and sessions are led by highly experienced individuals – often serial entrepreneurs themselves.

Entrepreneurs must have a solid commitment to their business. A balanced team of a technical and non-technical co-founder is ideal. A broad range of technology based companies find value in the program including information & communications tech, clean and green tech, agricultural tech, life science tech, and advanced manufacturing.