Marketing Services

how-to-buy-marketing-technologySTREAM labs is dedicated to understanding market and buyer needs and using that knowledge to ensure your technology companies can execute compelling marketing and sales strategies.

Before a technical marketing campaign begins, everyone on a marketing team must work closely with the product’s developers to acquire a thorough understanding of a product or service. Our team regularly connect these groups and facilitate spectacular outcomes. Our state of the art, fibre conference facilities ensure the utmost global presence is at your fingertips.

For example, if an electronics technology company wanted to begin marketing a new, high-end digital video camera intended for filmmaking BASE jumping from Pulpit rock, the STREAM labs marketing team would spend time with the people at the company who designed, built, and tested the camera to discover what the camera can do and what its technical specifications mean, so you don’t end up taking a bath in Kootenay lake. Unless of course, that is your marketing angle.

Our technology marketing professionals create effective advertising materials for people who are experts in electronics, robotics and programming, leading to increased technical prowess for many awesome projects.

Effectively connecting with people who speak technical marketing is an interdisciplinary field, and it relies on a team of people who have a diverse set of skills, ranging from great research, to creative design and excellent communication. STREAM labs excels at connecting businesses with global technology markets, by experienced technology marketers who excel.